High Impact formats (Branding)

We buy at the accurate price while optimizing your ad visibility to minimize the cost of user impact.

Depending on the ad position and the site where it is being displayed, our algorithms will assign a precise bid for each impression. But algorithm is not the only solution to brand awareness request: make sure you care address specific site list or provide us with top sites wishlist you would like to appear on. We will be able to create a competition between audience only strategies vs context only strategies.

We will track ad position, exposure time, ad repetition, ad sequence, and also secure your campaign through brand safety 3rd part tools and our internal 4 years site black & white list.

To maximize your impact, we also offer wallpaper (takeover) that we can buy on RTB and direct deals. These innovative formats give an extra value to your campaign and gives also better CTR for maximum user engagement with your brand.

We also trade video pre roll, video takeover video in banner in XXL formats (300×600, 1000×300), or expand banner for maximum impact and formats variation.

All these formats are A/B/C tested and we reallocate in real time budgets to the ones that get the best view rate vs CTR vs price. Our tool will automatically learn form the ones that get best results while gradually erasing the worst ones.

Convinced ? Start tomorrow you branding campaign with us and let us optimize it on desktop, tablet, mobile and IP TV.

In Banner Video

This advertising format can be displayed on any traditional media formats (IAB standard). This format has multiple advantages:

-Displayed on thousand of sites like any display format size

-Increased interactivity thanks to video and sound

-Very interesting media prices

                                                                                                                                         Here is an In Banner video demo

Video Préroll

Pre roll video is a video displayed before the video stream start. It is a great way to make high impact in a 15 to 30 seconds max slot. You can stream you TV ad, a dedicated online video, a teaser to encourage going on your site.


Here is a Pre Roll example

Video Wallpaper (video takeover)

Your video will play on the site wallpaper. The unparalleled dwell times maximise brand exposure, raise campaign awareness and increase brand recall. Impactful and eye-catching, bespoke creative treatments drive better click-through rates with explicit calls-2-action, and deliver a user-friendly brand experience that protects the user experience.

Want to see an example, have a click here


Want to display your ads on IP TV, in real time and on auction based pricing ? It is possible although the inventory is not important compared to desktop. It must be considered as an additionnel media for multi device campaigns.


Here is an example of IP TV ADS on the righ hand side »