Let's talk about innovative formats

We buy the best advertising combo (targeting vs price) to maximize the performance of your campaigns.

Depending on the position, support, and especially on the user, our algorithms will give dynamic value to each user on real time thanks to a scoring.
But buying technology is not everything: the advertising creative is very important in the overall performance of the campaign. That’s why we strive to offer constantly new proprietary formats for your best delivery.

Also, the advertising support is very important in the overall performance of the campaign. That’s why we strive to offer constantly new type of sites to gain better reach within your context.

Zebestof was the first French Trading desk to offer Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) processed and managed internally.

We also offer Dynamic skins, that’s to say takeover of homepage with dynamic products insertion.

Finally, on innovative display formats, you also have access to dynamic Facebook banners (Ads and Newsfeed) and dynamic banners with custom geocalized weather feed or “near you” stores for instance.

Obviously, all these formats are placed in competition in real time and are A / B / C / X tested. Thus, the best format on the best audience is delivered while others are deleted .
The result: outstanding performance in RTB thanks to innovative formats. Get in contact with us to have a try.

Dynamic Creative optimization (DCO aka Dynamic display)

Dynamic banners are dynamically generated with regards to the user profile, his taste and the products he like.

First time on the site ? A dynamic banner will be generated with top contents, best sellers products, or near to buy retailers for instance. Our algorithms will display the best products in real time.

Not new to the site, Zebestof will generate banners with products or contents that have been previously visited on your site. In addition, we will offer recommandations to maximize user experience and increase ROI.

Our dynamic banners are the best choice to manage acquisition and retention on a long term basis and get high CTR and Conversion rate.

Get in touch with us to get these kind of banners or easily customized your own templates with your brand identity to look alike your traditional banners.


Make sure to test our dynamic creative offering and get yours  »

Dynamic Takeover (Retargeting takeover)

Dynamic product takeover are full page wallpaper that you see on site’s homepages. We use these premium formats and inject our proprietary technology to show your products or products that were viewed or added to a merchant basket.

These top formats mix both high performance and premium size & exposure, guaranteeing max visibility and high CTR. You can display different incentives whether you display it for a client or non client.


Click here for a demo and get a chance to create yours»

Geotargeted dynamic banners

Did you already fancy you could display your banners according to a geo-point ? Each user will have a far more relavant ad depending on his location ? The dream came true…

We now generate banners with dynamic areas. If a user is located in London, he will see dynamically the london price, the “where to buy” stores near him. This is perfect for retailers that have different incentive schemes, or brand and merchands that manage products inventory differently per area code.

Drive2Store example : challenge, display price per city and availability per city at the same time in the same banner. Consult us for geotargeting feeds integration projects.

Click here for a demo and get a quick view on the geotargeted banners »

Product Dynamic Facebook Ads

You can generate dynamic product ads on Facebook to help you reach the best audience coverage on Facebook. You only display a single product per impression. Each impression will test one product to assess which one has the best CTR.


Check out the Right Hand Side Facebook Ads format demo »

Facebook Newsfeed Retargeting

Take advantage of our Facebook newsfeed retargeting features to have a better impact and use native format that have much more CTR.

Gain exposure while being able to viralize your message and get new fans.


Check out the native Newsfeed format demo »

Twitter Retargeting

You can also take advantage of our latest retargeting technology on Twitter (inside the newsfeed) in order to get a more powerful impact on your audience and use a “Native ads” format that will generate more trafic on your site.

Thanks to this feature, you can expect more reach to viralize your message, get more trafic while acquiring new followers on your twitter account as well.


Here is an example of image + text retargeting + followers acquisition on the Twitter Newsfeed »