Dynamic Banners products example

Here is a dynamic product creative for targeting & retargeting in action by Zebestof

Zebestof dynamic creatives are generated in real time for each user in order to present the most relevant products based on its previous navigations on Zebestof’s clients sites . Follow the steps listed to generate a dynamic product creative in real time.

Step 1

Visit one of the advertisers sites who subscribed to our retargeting offer.

Visit Zebestof’s customer  www.etam.com, and simulate behavior of ordinary navigation by visiting 3 or 4 pages or adding products to cart.

Step 2

Reload this demo


Once you refresh this demo page, you should see a Zebestof’s dynamic product retargeting banner displaying the products you just viewed, and perhaps some additional products (best sellers, top promos). This result shows dynamic product banners distributed by Zebestof on every site across the internet.