Privacy and data usage

What information is covered by our privacy policy?

Zebestof respect your privacy very seriously. The purpose of this document is to detail Zebestof’s key solutions and the use of the data we collect through our technology and on our website.

What information Zebestof  has collected on me through provided advertisements?

We don’t know who you are, we don’t know your name. We do not know where you live, where you work, your gender, your age, your email address or other personal information about yourself or allow us to identify you. We don’t collect information through websites on which you may have seen our advertisements. We don’t store your IP address. We only know that your browser was used to visit the website of one of our partners (probably an ecommerce or content site) over the past 90 days, and we saw what products/contents you were interested in on this site.

What information about me is collected by Zebestof through your technology, and how this information is being used?

We only collect anonymous data. To identify products that might interest you, Zebestof records, through anonymous cookies, the pages you visited on our partner sites – for example an ecommerce site. Cookies record information about the visited pages and sometimes on the products purchased. This data is anonymous and is used for statistical purposes. Zebestof has no way to identify the user. We don’t have access to any personal information you may have provided to the site (name, address, etc.). We never share anonymous data collected with any site that uses our advertising services.

Where will I see advertisements provided by Zebestof?

The ads we run across the internet are visible on many websites (“Publishers”). In some cases, it is possible that the Publishers also place a cookie on your browser. This cookie is placed by the publisher in order to know that Zebestof is able to provide customized advertising.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file stored on a user’s computer to record statistical information.

Example, we use cookies on this site. We do not make the connection between the information stored by cookies and any personal information you may have provided us during your visit. We both use session cookies that are deleted when you leave our site, and persistent cookies. We use session cookies to facilitate your experience on our site. A persistent’ cookie is stored on your hard driver for a period of time. These cookies allow us to recognize and give better advertising experience to users, but also to present the most relevant information while browsing.

You can always delete cookies by following the instructions in the “Help” section of your browser.

Data Security

We have implemented the necessary security measures to protect the information that is in our possession, both during transmission of  information, and when we receive it. This includes but is not limited to the use of firewalls and data encryption. No method of transmission of data over the Internet, where electronic data storage is 100% secure. That is why, even if we use all the means at our disposal and do our best efforts to protect your data, we can not guarantee its absolute security.

Data Retention

We keep anonymous data we collect (for example pages accessed on our partner sites) over a period of maximum 13 months. After this time, the information is destroyed.

Erasing  data

If you no longer wish to have personalized advertising provided by Zebestof on behalf of advertisers, you can unsubscribe below.

Warning! When you opt out in this way, a cookie is installed on your browser to identify you as a visitor unsubscribes. You must unsubscribe again if you delete the cookie from your browser; if you are using a different Internet browser or if you use another computer to connect you.