Data Management Platform (DMP) allow us to collect and structure available informations on a unique user in order to decide and score this user once we found him on the internet. Our DMP will collect :

  • 1st party data (supplied by the advertiser we’re partnering with). These datas are only used for the advertiser purpose. Among these datas, we collect for instance time spent, pages visited, products viewed, frequency of visit, basked value, purchases value, etc. The advertiser can also feed us with its CRM datas to understand if a visitor is a frequent customer with loyalty card, if he’s gone through a call center, or is an offline customer for instance). All these datas are the pillar of a good client knowledge that we use in our DMP.
  • 2nd party data. This data is retrieved through instant surfing behavior. That is to say datas that we collect during the user’s surf, understanding contextual datas, sites he visited, remained time on each site, etc. These 2nd party datas complete our billions of datas analyzed daily within our DMP. They come form each device.
  • 3rd party data. These datas are bought to third party data exchanges. They are anonymous again and enable us to improve our final targeting with criterias such as age, sex, professional category, city, in order to increase our user knowledge.

Our DMP guarantees real time datas onboarding & analysis to challenge big datas decisions. This DMP nickname is ADA which means Agnostic Data Analyzer. ADA compile these 3 datas sources in real time for each user on each device.

ADA is both working on the advertiser and publisher side to give a value to each user instantly. ADA can also supply all these datas to third party (adservers, vendors) to help them better target&buy and also better understand their user journey and behavior.

Agnostic Data Analyzer