Simple Ad Manager

Sam (aka Simple Ad Manager) delivers banners when our bidder wins the impressions. Sam can deliver up to billions of banners on a monthly basis. Banners delivered by Sam can he hosted by Sam or by third party aservers.

Our adserver can track impressions, clicks, conversions (post view / post click) and retrieve the statistics of your campaign on a private dashboard in real time. Every second, our media traders and clients can understand their impression volume and their respective performance.

Sam retrieve datas for Ada to feedback on each site and format’s performances in order to optimize our media buying in real time. This is what we call dynamic pricing.

Our proprietary adserver is also autonomous. That means he can be connected to our Bidder (Bob) or connected to third party companies that would use it.

Sam is certified by the biggest online medias group such as Yahoo and Google, which means we took every security and load steps that are being asked by these major companies.

As a conclusion, Sam is also a must have adserver that can help them leverage our latest dynamic product technlogogy called Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) for dynamic targeting and retargeting, a real retargeter killer app.