Ensuring Brand Safety

Brand Safety is our priority .

Zebestof has built its own tools, combined with partner solutions such as Alenty, Adloox or Adledge that gives us a max guarantee for your campaign proper delivery.

Our evaluation process analyzes and scores all placements through Ada & Bob and sources inventory according to viewability, page content quality and historical performance metrics.

Based on this rate, our algorithms will decide to over-deliver or under-deliver banners or video of your campaign. The main goal is to maximize brand exposure at minimum cost. The other goal is to exclude unwanted inventory from buys. Mixed with our own proprietary RTB trading platform means we can increase transparency and trust for advertisers on key issues such as brand safety and also audience integrity.

While purchasing advertising space on thousands websites, it must be able to validate each impression to respect your brand. Thus, our partners scan content of the page on which will be spread before the banner display. If the content is not suitable (Adult content, violent, racist, political, etc.) the banner is not delivered and our tools record this event to avoid delivery in the near future.

Thus, we validate pre bid and post bid delivery of your ads.

Since 2011, our brand safety evaluation process for all sites and tech vendors and our quality index is built upon performance metrics and data as well as ad server performance data. These metrics – currently aggregated in an internal database created by our Zebestof team – will ultimately live within the Zebestof PMP platform, where they will be sorted, structured and updated for easy access. This enable us to start campaign template with pre informed black and list.

Our quality index will be applied to categorize inventory into different types:

  • Negative: This type of inventory is automatically blacklisted from our delivery because it is shown as bad content, bad performance, fraudulent sites, stacking ads problems, etc.
  • Standard: This type of inventory will have high performing Brand Safety scores.
  • Reach: This inventory will focus on brand safety scores with higher tolerance (referring to companies who are comfortable with a lower percentage of overall brand safety), but will also take direct response metrics into account, such as CPC, CPL.
  • Performance: This refers to inventory with direct response key performance indicators tied to it, such as cost-per-click or cost-per-acquisition. It will typically will have higher tolerance for brand safety and higher tolerance on lower viewability.
  • Premium: This inventory will be specific to ad quality and take into account things such as viewability, brand safety and, in some cases, direct response metrics (click-through-rate, completion rate).

Our quality index will also track various metrics and provides scores for inventory.

In display, we already work with agnostic third party partners like Adloox, ComScore, Nielsen, Adledge and more.

  • Adloox and Adledge — the first partners of our quality index—will allow us to leverage their 4 years independant expertise in brand safety and offer our clients access to exclusive data for better targeting around brand safety and page context within the RTB auction process. Our relationship with Adloox and Adledge allow us to deliver granular-level data to help assess addressable media performance and refine our internal definitions of quality by marrying data to other key performance indicators.
  • We will also ensure high brand safety rates thanks to direct deals with Premium publishers, and also url targeting to secure delivery if needed although it is contrary to the RTB potential and possibilities.

For video, we will continue to work closely with preferred video brandsafety partner Tubemogul, Mediamath, Integral adscience, Proximic and Set to secure brand campaign delivery. By analyzing post-bid data, we will use insights to optimize campaigns, determine best practices for quality assurance in campaign set-up, and develop brand safety-optimized site lists.

Ultimately, the power of our quality index lies in its ability to allow Zebestof to not only optimize for brans safety, but audience & media as well. We’re combining all of these to give marketers a more holistic view of an ad placement DNA. Moreover, our quality index provides a unique range of analysis by aggregating multiple data sources (e.g. Adloox, Adledge, nielsen OCR, comScore vCE, etc.)  + internal black list to provide an in-depth view of ad placement quality. By joining the range of quality metric variables with partner data and insights, we can now score each ad placement to provide the best possible objective assessment of its secure environment and future performance That is to say our independance and our stack of internal technologies is a great advantage for our customers.