The minimum budget?

What is the minimum budget for RTB  test  ?

– We start with  € 5,000 package for small & medium businesses.

– For other companies, it takes a minimum budget of € 10 000 for testing. This budget is required to give time and do enough data gathering for our algorithms to start autolearning and also for our traders to understand and optimize your campaigns.

Safety and visibility

Delivery on our media partners is ensured thanks to  our partnerships with third companies, such as Alenty, Adloox and Adledge.

These three companies are able to confirm that any printed images are only available on publishers that meet our editorial standards. So we can do our best efforts to only deliver on qualitative and consistent publishers with your brand. We also take advantage of our 4years experience in the RTB sector to operate white and black lists to create campaign templates that meet these quality criteria.

We are also able to provide you with rate indicators of visibility and exposure ‘s duration  of your banners to your target.

On demand, we also provide third party access to vendors like Comscore VCE and Niesen OCR.

This is what we call Ad visibility and Brand Safety @ Zebestof

What is Zebestof's economic model ?

Depending on the model of pay, you will pay on a CPM, CPC or CPA. Rates vary greatly depending on your goals.

Allow € 5000 budget to ensure the success of your campaign, while our algorithms can effectively optimize the campaign.

Our economic model: Zebestof take a % on media purchased for his fees. The% varies depending on the budget invested. But be aware that we always outperform the traditional media campaign cost.

[media cost] + [our fees] <traditional media campaign