Our mission: To generate ROI by improving user position in the conversion funnel

What’s a trading desk ?

An expert platform with full service approach between an advertiser who wants to show his products to the greatest number of people and publishers sites with millions of Internet users / readers.

Zebestof is a new generation trading desk : we deliver our advertisers’ banners in the right place at the right time with the right price based on several criteria. All this activity in real time and and auction-based. Our media traders then act as financial traders. They transform media and datas to deliver a combined product which gives better value to our advertisers,  publishers and our users.

A single impression is worthless. Thanks to our intelligent technology, the ad value changes once it’s connected to the 3rd, 2nd party  or 1st party data. We constantly optimize your campaigns with a performance goal. Zebestof trading desk is the first generation that optimizes your campaigns by associating a value to each user based on its profile. Our trading desk offer is strongly oriented for ‘performance’. For visibility & awareness purposes, we invite you to visit our “Branding Desk” page.



    RTB is a mix of media and data. When our server is bidding on an impression, we check all the datas we have about user to decide if we invest, how much we bid,...or not. These datas could be socio demo, geo, interest center, and help us check whether we are in front of a new visitor/client for our advertisers


    Remarketing and Retargeting advertising: advertiser put tags on his site to segment his audience. We then are able to retarget someone that went on your site across all the internet with a customized banner. this helps increasing clients conversions rather than waiting for them to come back on your site.


    Thanks to strategic agreements with some research partners, we have a fresh database ( less than 7 days) of people looking for your product or offering. We also ensure your insite search box retargeting to deliver highly relevant banners to your visitors. You are now able to retarget users based on their previous search requests.


    Profiles packs allow you to target specific audiences and predefined them. Seasonal audience or long term ones.

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    Theme packs allow you to deliver your campaigns on specific sites grouped by category.

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The RTB is a mix of media and data. Indeed, when our server is bidding on an impression, we check all the datas we have on the user in order to

-deliver the best creative for this profile,

-decide the auction that we are ready to bid on this user.

The value of RTB is based on quality / media’s price  and the user’s data collection to give each user a unique value.

Innovative performance display formats used by Zebestof are available on this page.

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