Remarketing or Retargeting explanation : you must set our tags on your site to help us segmenting your audience into multiple segments. Our algorithms then segment and score every profile depending on his behaviour and engagement with your site.

Thanks to these tags, our data management platform collect multiple valuable datas of each user within your site.

First time he’s coming or loyal visitors/customers ?

Which channel did he came from ?

Which channel has he gone thorugh before visiting your site ?

How long does he stay on the site ? How often ? on specific page ?

Which pages is he visiting ? How many products does he click on ?

Does he add products to basket ? For which total amount ?

He is buyer, regular buyer, loyal buyer, frequent buyer, top A+ buyer ?

Is it a new or old customer ? Is it a reactived customer ?

What kind of search does he do ?

And so on…

Thanks to these visitors datas, we are able to create dynamic creative that match the user profile and create a good user experience.

Thanks to our technologies and smart data understanding, we deliver better ROI, here is an example of dynamic retargeting creative, lets have a test: click here