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The RTB, what is it ?

From Internet invention to 2010.

Advertisers buying a hearing on predetermined sites on a  fixed rate (premium CPM). Sellers overestimated their costs, demand is outstripping supply.

After the bubble burst in 2001, streamline costs. In addition, audiences explode with the democratization of Internet access. At this time, the supply becomes greater than demand and media costs drop sharply. Publishers begin to sell their audiences to performance (clicks, leads, sales)

From 2005, the first targeting and retargeting technologies appear. With theses, the more mature advertisers will begin to examine the user’s profile rather than the audience’s support.

From 2010 to nowadays

Advertisers have next turned to new sources of traffic: Adexchanges which brought together more inventories into one.

Now, advertisers have the opportunity to buy individual impression on a auction basis and target audience in real time. This means that an advertiser will bid a certain amount to show an advertisement to a user based on many criteria … The revolution was born.

What RTB will change for publishers?

The possibility of selling media that was lost because unsold, the potential to sell unguaranteed trafic.

Sell ​​space without dedicated sales team thanks to automatization.

Evaluating audiences value based on targeting criteria.

RTB: Would like to only buy audience and media that meet you targeting without any waste?

Real Time Bidding gives you the ability to adjust in real time the price of an ad impression based on the media, behavioral data, navigation data, … and many more!
Get an ad impression corresponding to a targeted audience
If you are the winning bidder, you get the impression.
Avoid the hassle of calling each sales house and work with all at once, without any intermediary.
Reallocate your budgets in real time rather than being locked with contracts.

What RTB will change for advertisers?

The costs are much lower: between 7 & 15 times cheaper compared to the traditional online space.
Gain control of your display challenges: we provide a tool, technology and know-how.
Do not buy unnecessary inventory: get 100% useful impressions!
Optimize according to your goals: CPA, CPC, Reach, CPView …


    Zebestof guarantees the transparency of your purchases on Adexchanges. You know how much you pay for each impression, and by extension, how much costs a click, a sale, a view and so on. This clarification is given to you on all levels.


    Via its international agreements, zebestof offers you the opportunity to bid on all RTB inventory available worldwide.


    In each country, there are several premium marketplaces, grouped under general adexchanges. Thus, we guarantee access to premium inventories as well as premium audiences and ad sizes.